Akar, first-class patterns for Clojure


A talk I did at London Clojurians meetup about Akar, my first-class patterns library for Clojure.

Project link at Github, Video at SkillsMatter

Mathematics – The missing ingredient in modern software development

A plea to use mathematics, or more specifically, formal methods in software engineering. The talk includes many practical examples, including the infamous OpenSSL bug Heartbleed.

Slides at Speakerdeck, Markdown slides at Github

Object-functional programming: Beautiful unification or a kitchen sink?

Scala began its life as an experiment to “unify” object-oriented programming and functional programming. Martin Odersky believed that the differences between FP and OO are more cultural than technical, and that there was a room for beautifully unify various ideas from the two into one simple core. How successful has Scala been in its goals? Is it the like “the grand unified theory of universe” or like the infamous “vegetarian ham”? This talk explores how unification simplies certain things, complicates others, and what the costs are.

Slides at Speakerdeck, ConfEngine proposal, FunctionalConf schedule

TDD is Dead, Long Live TyDD

An inaugural talk at the Young Haskell Padawans meetup group based in Pune, on the subject of type-driven development.

Slides at Speakerdeck

Promise of a better future

A talk from Pooja Akshantal and me on how we used future-based concurrency in Scala to successfully deliver one of the largest projects ever undertaken by ThoughtWorks India

Slides at Speakerdeck, Video and write-up at ThoughtWorks Insights