Where have you been?

I was quite busy over past few months, and had taken a break from blogging.

A lot of positive things happened.

We (ThoughtWorks, Pune) organized the first ever annual Pune Scala Symposium. The event was very successful. I have written about it at length on ThoughtWorks Insights. You may want to check out my talk on futures and promises from the conference.

I went to Istanbul in the month of May on another business trip. The first one happened in last December. The experience from both trips was surreal and exhilarating, and I am going to write a separate (and long!) post about it. One of the pictures from our wondrous trip:

Me in Blue Mosque of Istanbul

I am also involved in the organization of the first ever (again!) functional programming conference in India. It’s to be held in coming October, and you can register for it here. There are some talk proposals from yours truly as well! Please vote if you like them.

And now the biggest news in life! I triumphed over the deadly Hepatitis C virus. The treatment went on for a year, and was physically, mentally, and financially very taxing. It ending has been quite a relief. You can read more about it in my Facebook life event.

What happens to the blog?

I am putting an end to the “interesting things this week” series. While useful for both readers (hopefully!) and myself, it required a significant investment of time and effort. I concluded the incentives were not commensurate, and hence the decision. Sorry if I have disappointed any of you.

The social media obsessed creature that I am, I will still continue to share things that I find interesting.

The blog posts will be more topical from now on. I have listed a few topics in my notebook that I want to blog about. I am going to try and write two posts every month, but I cannot make any promises.

I tweet profusely. If the signal-to-noise ratio of my tweets is within your tolerance limits (and it will likely be, if you are interested in programming languages), you should follow me!

I plan to compile some curated lists on github (inspired by the recent awesome meme), for good resources on functional programming, types, and anything else I am into. That approach seems like it will work better.

Until next time!