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So how much of inheritance criticism is really valid?

Scala collections library has been receiving a lot of criticism of late. One of the reasons, among many, is its use of inheritance as a primary means of code reus...

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Interesting things this week - 3

Plenty links this time. Mostly Clojure and Scala libraries, some papers, and some other cool stuff.

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Interesting things this week - 2

​I was down with severe cold and cough pretty much all of this week, and so have managed to accumulate a lot more goodie links this time. ​(Yay? Yay!)

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Interesting things this week - 1

Starting this week, I am going to try an experiment in blogging, where I would write about some of the interesting things I came across in previous week and my th...

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Understanding monads

(On September 23rd, 2013, Aleksander Sumowski and I gave a talk on monads at Developer Meetup, ThoughtWorks, Pune. This post is a transcript of that talk.)

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Not-so-embedded documents with Clojure

In my previous blog post, I talked about embedded document pattern, and how a combination of combinators and some metaprogramming can abstract away its recurring ...

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Easing the use of Embedded Document pattern

Martin Fowler recently blogged about “Embedded Document” pattern. It’s a very convenient way of dealing with JSON documents in web apps and we are using it for ou...

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