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OpenStruct, a dynamic object utility for Scala

Ruby standard library has a nice little utility named OpenStruct which gives you objects on which you can dynamically add and remove fields. .NET framework added ...

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Stacking up Factor against Lisp bullet list

Out of a whim, I retook Factor yesterday. By some coincidence, Alvaro Videla also happened to retake it at about the same time. In a twitter conversation on the t...

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Composition with non-deterministic computations

A deterministic computation has a type A -> B. It has input type A, and result type B. Only one result. Hence just B.

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F# option cheat sheet

From what I have seen, pattern matching is overused in F#. Especially when dealing with options. It’s not hard to spot the following kind of pattern in F# codebas...

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Composing functions with adicity greater than one

Haskell due to the curried nature of its functions makes partial application and composition a favorable programming style. A few days ago, I solved Project Euler...

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Sections of (.)

Lambdabot is an excellent tool to learn to use point-free style (among other things) in Haskell and similar programming langauges. This tool when asked to point-f...

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Evolution of a typical Scala programmer

The task is simple. You have a collection of document objects. You have to calculate the sum of their lengths. (This post on stackoverflow triggered me to write t...

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